Today’s Tarot Insight 3.9.2017



Queen of Swords – Rider-Waite Centennial Edition.


There is a lot on your mind, pressing forcefully forward as being of importance, yet it is yourself invoking these thoughts, topics, situations. 

A ruling hand over your own destiny is trying to keep your individuality separate from the flow, whilst this same approach may be seen as controlling or overly dependent to others eyes.

There is a duality, in that the Queen sits on her throne with the power in her hands, her mind, the strength to forge out any future she dares, or wishes, yet deep within, there is a locked up, inner child, keeping a frightened, avid eye on all that’s surrounding her, this coming from the deep rooted lunar influenced issues from long ago, that are now hatched from their chrysalis, and as a butterfly, have a short time only left to live, before their last flight… the issues entrapped, are so close to being fully let go, do not give up, simply know your own strength.


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