Today’s Tarot Insights 7.9.2017


Today’s Tarot Insight:
Three of Wands: Rider-Waite Centennial Edition.

You have been and are still midway an important journey; this can be spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

Though it is likely to be a journey of self discovery and growth.
Today is a day to pause, take a breather, be in the moment, take a long look around you, see how far you have traveled/come, and the lengths you have achieved.

You are adamant to keep moving forward, excited in some ways, though you keep a mindful eye on all the surroundings, the territory you embark upon…so haste not, just BE, at least for today.

You are growing, and new growth is taking you far, new horizons await you, they are solid foundations in which to place your feet upon.







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