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Where’s she been? What’s she up to?

To answer simply;

At a computer the most part, Writing; Creating; Deadline prepping for Publishing…

…with a dash of Nature Trailing, Activism, Poetry Slamming, Gig Going, and oh yeah, another side-line…


Intuitive Insights; which you may have heard about…which also shares offers, insights, with a community on the FB Page

…Helios; below, is the Greek Sun God whom is the Guardian of the Intuitive Insights endeavour…Shining like a beacon.


…Well now there’s a YouTube Channel too!

Where you will find FREE HEALING Videos to benefit you and give you a Sampler/Taster of the work I do in this area.


Now, back to the main reason for my absence…

I am nearing completion of my latest book, which will be in around an average of 400 pages.


Not to worry, it is a Devotional, poetically written, Hymns Book.

In antiquity…

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♥ July Specials ♥

♥ For the month of July ALL Readings are on a special! For a Full Email Elemental Intuitive Reading with a choice of Deck from my collection,  Special: €25 ♥

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Blessings of the Summer and Helios the Sun God.



Competition Time

*Full Email Intuitive Card Reading*

ace of bowls

Card Image: Ace of Bowls: – The Hekate Tarot

Choice of Decks: The Hekate Tarot; Soul Cards; Enchanted Tarot; Rider-Waite Tarot; Celtic Tarot; Thoth Tarot; Mythic Tarot.

As Ireland is mid its one and only (no doubt!) Summer weather week, I have decided to hold a HOT COMPETITION!

All you have to do to be in the draw, is like this post, share/reblog this post, and comment the name of the person (or yourself) that you wish to win the Intuitive Reading for…Good Luck!

I shall hold this open until Summer Solstice June 20th 2016.

Launch Special Offer


As a ‘Thank You’ also to all those who have visited this site & the Intuitive Insights Facebook page.

I am launching a


Special for the next two weeks or so…

End Date: May 28th 2016.

Simply click Book Now  with your Offers, Requests, specifying your preferred Choice of Reading (with spread/deck choice included)* or Choice of Modality for Healing, and arrange a slot time, it’s that simple!


Please Note:

** Offer does NOT apply to Courses/Attunements**

**An email Reading tends to be more beneficial, as it is extremely detailed, and written out for further reference reading; these tend to take between 90 mins/2hrs to complete each reading.

**A Skype Reading will normally be in the range of 30-45 mins.

**Healings are always at least 60 mins long more oft than not up to 90 mins for Distant Healing, Skype again tends to be quicker as it is gauged by the response and patience of the Recipient.

**Any Queries? Do not hesitate to contact me, the most reliable way will be via the Book Now  or on Facebook the Send Email Button at the top of the Intuitive Insights page.

Blessings of Helios, this Site’s Guardian, offering Light, and Inner Sun to ALL who pass through here.

*You will find a choice of Readings, Spreads on the Intuitive Readings Page, and a Menu of Decks Here