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* Energy Healing Health Scan: €20

This essentially is an Aura, Energy Body Scan with the guidance of the Ascended Grandmasters and Usui Healing Energies, I intuitively connect to you, your higher self, and ask your guides to show me where you are having issues, be it mental, emotional, or physical in nature.


An example would be: It is conducted the same way as a Distant Reiki Healing Session, only I focus in on every aspect of your health, this often leads me to intuitively feel areas that need work, healing, or that are blocking or troubling you; I may feel a tingling numbness as I energetically reach your knees, leading me to assume you experience thus in your legs, or have a blood blockage, or I will feel a deep sadness upon reaching your lungs, therefore may intuit a recent loss, this is the way it is performed.

~ A full written report of the Scan via email

* Reiki Healing Session (Distance): €30

A distant Reiki healing session is performed at an agreed/arranged time-slot, for the recipient to be able to relax and receive the healing energies as they are being channelled to them. It normally runs at about 60 minutes in duration. I write a detailed report of the session and any insights that have occurred during the session, and will email this report to you.

~ A full written report of the session via email


* Reiki Healing Session (Skype): €25

This Reiki healing session is pre-arranged a time-slot, using Skype for a face to face healing session. It is normally a 30 minutes session which can run up to 45 minutes depending on the session and/or recipient.


* Animal Reiki Healing Session (Distance): €20

With our little fur-babies needing that little extra TLC or healing at times, when feeling poorly, I tend to turn to Animal Reiki. This can be a 15 minute Animal Reiki blast session, or a specific ailment Healing session of 30 minutes, performed much in the same way as the human Reiki distance healing session, all I need is a animals species/breed (if known), name of animal and then they will receive the healing energies.

~ A full written report of the session via email


* Animal Reiki Healing Session (Skype): €15

This healing can be an attempted 15 minute face time healing with your pet/or animal in view on Skype.


* Angelic Senses Healing Session (Distance): €25

This Healing Session draws on the energies of the Angelic Realm and asks their assistance during the healing. Archangels will be asked to help channel their energies through me to you, and the healing can be focused on specific ailments, or used in conjunction with the Angelic Senses rhythm of applying the healing via the Senses Centres.

(See Angelic Senses Course description below for further idea of the nature of this delightful healing energy).

~ A full written report of the session via email


* Isis Blue Moon Healing Session (Distance): €20

This Isis Blue Moon Healing Session is a similar energy to Reiki. It is a very soothing cool energy and can also be cold, or freezing.

It is comprised of the healing energies of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis, and Blue Moon energy, (Blue is cooling, and a Blue Moon is when two Full Moons land in one calendar month, making it extra powerful).

Many people claim that the energy is very calm and soothing, I find it to be very useful in times when a cold energy is needed.

The main uses for Isis Blue Moon are healing and cooling. It works great at reducing all inflammatory conditions, injury swelling, as well as bringing down temperatures or fevers.

~ A full written report of the session via email


* Isis Blue Moon Healing Session (Skype): €20

30-minute Isis Blue Moon Healing Session face to face via Skype, see description above.

* 7 Chakra Clearing/Aligning Session (Distance): €25

In this healing session we will be working with your energy centres, called the Chakras, each Chakra will be cleansed, cleared, aligned and energised.

I will write a detailed report of the session and any insights that occurred during, and email this report to you.

~ A full written report of the session via email


* One Spirit Shamanic Healing Session (Distance): €20

This Healing Technique calls in your Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, and Unconditional Love, to flow this energy to you filling you with the strength and love to meet your daily challenges, and connect with your Power Animals.

~ A full written report of the session via email


* Psychic Protection Healing Blast with Archangel Michael. (Distance): €10

Using the Psychic Protection Flame of Archangel Michael and calling on his presence to send this Healing Blast, which helps Protect the recipient from Psychic Attack, Psychic Vampires, Negative Energies, Overload of other people’s energies, if one is an Empath for instance.


* Money Reiki Healing Session (Distance): €20

Just by seeking this Healing Session has already started the process of unblocking the flow of Your Abundance.

This Session will use the Money Reiki Energy Modality, to clear the blockages that stand in the way of you receiving the Abundance that you Deserve; it will not necessarily be a magick wand to cash or riches, but it will clear the way for Abundance to reach you, in the ways you need most.

Example: It will not land a wad of cash into your lap, but it will clear a path for the possibility of a new job, or you will receive a gift, an increase in income somehow, or a bill being paid for you.

~ A full written report of the session via email





~ Life Path Empowerment/Attunement
~ Angelic Senses – Master (x5 Attunements)
~ 49 Angelic Symbols – Master
~ One Spirit Shamanic Healing – Master/Teacher (x2 Attunements)
~ Isis Blue Moon Healing System – Master/Teacher (x2 Attunements)
~ Money Reiki Level I – Practitioner
~ Money Reiki Level II – Master

~ Money Reiki III – Grandmaster
~ Animal Reiki – Master/Teacher
~ Long Time Sun Blessing
~ Inner Sun
~ Psychic Protection Flame

~ Usui Reiki (Shiki/Reiki Ryoho) Level I (x4 Attunements)
~ Usui Reiki (Shiki/Reiki Ryoho) Level II & Reiju
~ Usui Reiki (Shiki/Reiki Ryoho) Level III – Master/Teacher

Descriptions/Further Information:

* Life Path Empowerment/Attunement: €15


Life Path Empowerment was channelled by Linda Colibert. It will help you to discover and strengthen your connection with your spirit guides. It also helps you learn about your life path and to stay on that path.

Life Path Empowerment is easy to use and will connect you with your higher self and guides, bridging the connection so you can communicate with them more clearly.

Some of the symptoms and ailments I am referring to are:

Depression, Anxiety, Sadness, Restlessness, Insomnia, Worry, Fear, Listlessness, Sickness and Nausea, Lack of Motivation, Procrastination, Stress.

You will learn a meditation to help you discover and connect with your guides, how to discover your Life’s Path, how to use the one symbol to help you get back on track with your Life Path, and how to protect yourself when sending and receiving Attunements.

You will receive:

~ The Manual
~ Certificate via email
~ One Distance Attunement
~ A Written Report of the Attunement

Founded/Created By:

SpiritLight Reiki
Linda Colibert
Reiki Master Teacher

  • My Life Path Empowerment Attunement was channelled to me by Allie Walton and received on 26/08/09


Your Attunement will be channelled by myself Dorn Simon-Sinnott on a date of your choosing, please carefully read all manual materials, assimilate the energies, the symbol and the meditation prior to your Attunement time.
Reiki is a form of energy healing that always helps and never harms. If you are ill, please see your physician. Reiki works hand in hand with the medical profession. Results may vary. This Life Path Empowerment is in no way associated or affiliated in any way, and should not be confused with any other Reiki system that may have a similar name.


* Angelic Senses (TM) Course of 5 Certified Attunements over 5 weeks: €40


Angels are beings of a separate plane from humans.

They are beings of the light, the divine messengers from Spirit or God, whatever you believe is the highest order.

They have omnipresence, being able to be anywhere and everywhere at one time.

They are energy beings that live in the non physical realms that surround us.

They are real and they are universal.

They appear to work with and love all beings and extend their energy, information and assistance to all.

However, we have to ask for their help, assistance, reassurance and company.

This is because we have free will, and they are not allowed to intervene or help without our consent and request.

In cases of desperation or danger they can appear to protect us in our time of need to alter the outcome.

In the manual you will learn a little about angels, be shown the Angelic Senses symbols, a meditation and how to pass on the Attunements to others.

The method by which I Attune for this course of Attunements is to do 5 separate Attunements, normally over a 5 week period.

The Five Attunements:

~ Angelic Sight:

Helps to awaken your sense of sight within your third eye, to help enable you to see your angels presence.

~ Angelic Aroma:

Helps to enhance your psychic ability, so you can sense the aroma left by the angels and when in their presence.

~ Angelic Touch:

Helps to enable you to feel the angels’ touch.

~ Angelic Sound:

Helps to enable you to open up to the sounds of heavenly choirs, usually heard just before you go to sleep, or in deep meditation.

~ Angelic Love:

Opens you up to the divine angelic love and unconditional love in your own life.

The Founder of this system is : Rowan Stanford-Foulkes

The approximate length of each Attunement?

30-45 mins.

You will receive:

~ A 8-pages Manual with instructions and Symbols

~ A Meditation to prepare for your Attunements

~ Five separate Attunements

~ Written Report after each Attunement

~ A Certificate via email


* 49 Angelic Symbols (Attunement/Manual): €25

The Keys to the Angelic Realm:

Angels symbols are a present from the angels world. They cure our soul structure and, besides, support us to become healthy mental and physical, to attain harmony and to strengthen our energy bodies

Angelic Symbols are used for:

~ If you have blockages in the outer Auric field, blockages in the inner energy body, use the symbols to clear the blockages, energise and activate the Chakras.

~ To aid in raising our energy frequency; release/remove negative emotions from the Aura that have accumulated from the environment and others; and to expel the negative/unhealthy toxins from the cells in the body.

~ Induce self-healing processes by initiating a support to aid in the Light Body Process.


The 49 Angelic Symbols can be used like an energetic phone calling the Angels.

In the air draw the symbols you require to use as a sign in the air, or simply by visualizing the symbols, a quicker energetic connection can be thereby produced.

Angelic Symbols Suggestions:

~ On certain body organs/placements on the physical body, or Chakra centre, or for a mood.

~ During meditation or relaxation, placed on the forehead or body as it is laid.

~ Directly in the body circulation system so the energy is carried.

~ On window panes of a space, room, office, for harmonization and energising the area.

~ To energise water, glass, food, massage oil, etc.

Please Note: This system was channelled by an individual whom which English is not her first language, though the Manual is written in English, it is broken English with some mistakes in language translation.

You will receive:

~ Manual
~ One Distant Attunement


* One Spirit Shamanic Healing (Attunements/Manuals): €30


One Spirit is a very powerful energy based Shamanic Healing System that
uses your heart, unconditional love, and symbols.

One Spirit takes you inside yourself, so that you can look deeper, beneath the surface and see your true self.

Within you there are Animal Totems that protect your chakras.

There are animals with their own special abilities that guard each chakra – each chakra has its own special animal guardian.

This system is similar to Reiki, in that both Reiki and One Spirit teaches how
to heal yourself and others, how to send energy distantly and remotely, and
both Reiki and One Spirit works to heal body, mind, and spirit.

But One Spirit also teaches you how to love and forgive yourself unconditionally and
without judgment.

The main difference between Reiki and One Spirit, is that
One Spirit connects you to your animal guardians-animal totems and animal
spirit guides.

It works more with Animals and Nature.

You will learn how to meet your animal guides and get to know them, how to help heal each other, and how to work together toward specific goals, including healing yourself, others, animals, and Mother Earth.

We are all connected.

We all have One Mind, One Body, One Heart, One Spirit.

We are One.


You Will  Receive:
~  2 x Manuals
~  2 x Distant Attunements
~ Written Report of each Attunement
~ Certificate via email


* Isis Blue Moon Healing System (Attunements/Manual): €30


Isis Blue Moon was channeled by Linda Vaughn, it is a similar energy to Reiki. It is a very soothing cool energy and can also be cold, or freezing. It is compromised of 2 separate attunements. Many people claim that the energy is very calm and soothing, I find it to be very useful in times when a cold energy is needed. The main uses for Isis Blue Moon are healing and cooling. It works great at reducing swelling as well or brining down fevers. You will receive the manual by Linda Vaughn, in it you will learn an invocation of Isis and the 10 symbols that make up Isis Blue Moon healing system. You will also learn hot to either accept the attunements as one whole or separate it into two part.

Isis is an Egyptian Goddess. She is an ancient lady of power. With this attunement you will become a part of the spiritual order of Isis and be able to connect to her spirit and cooling energy often. Also I will attach the rights and rituals in a manual format to connect further with Isis.

This Course Includes:

~ Course Manual
~  2 x Distant Attunements
~ Written Report of each Attunement
~ Certificate via email





* Money Reiki Level I ~ Practitioner (Attunement/Manual): €25


Prerequisite: None
Founder: Stephanie Brail
Levels: One
Symbols: One

Money Reiki was founded by Stephanie Brail. The following is from her manual:

Money Reiki takes a different approach than what is usually taught in prosperity courses. Money Reiki is less about manifestation of abundance and more about clearing out negative energy in relation to money. As such, it makes a perfect adjunct to whatever prosperity, abundance, and manifestation work you may be currently doing.

“If you are doing prosperity work such as affirmations, Money Reiki should be done first to help build up your energetic system so that the affirmations will have a stronger effect.

You will learn several methods of helping money enter your life such as how to make a money magnet and a money Reiki box and how to perform a financial blessing.

You will receive:

~ Money Reiki Practitioner distant Attunement
~ Money Reiki Practitioner Manual in pdf format via email
~ Money Reiki Practitioner certificate and lineage via email


* Money Reiki Level II ~ Master (Attunement/Manual): €30


(The course pre-requisite is the Money Reiki Level I Practitioner course)

This course delves deeper into Money Reiki. You will get three new symbols with more tools to use Money Reiki.

You will earn the Master level Attunement giving you the ability to attune others to Money Reiki.

Money Reiki works to help you manifest your life purpose on this planet, so this course also covers the issues that may come up for you as you make these shifts, how to ride through the rough spots as your life gets adjusted to support your purpose.


~ Manual in PDF format

~ Master level Attunement

~ A certificate via email


* Money Reiki Level III ~ Grand-Master (Attunement/Manual): €40


(The course pre-requisite is the Money Reiki Level I/II Practitioner/Master courses)

The Level III is the final Attunement within the Money Reiki system, bringing you to the Grand Master Degree.

At this level you will begin to work with a very powerful energy. Money Reiki Grand Master delves deeper into these vibrations.

You will receive 3 new symbols with more spiritual tools that you can use to direct a finer, more refined frequency of energy into your Abundance Healing work.

Money Reiki works to help you manifest your life purpose on this planet, so this course also covers the issues that may come up for you as you make these shifts, and how to ride through the rough spots as your life gets adjusted to support your purpose.

This Manual Includes:

* Money Reiki Theory

* Energetic Clearing

* Clearing Symbol

* Affirmation Symbol

* Grand Master Symbol

* Money Reiki Grand Master Symbols and much more


You will receive:

~ Level III Manual

~ Grand-Master Attunement

~ A Certificate via email


* Animal Reiki (Attunement/Manual): €30



“We hear and read a lot about using Reiki to heal and re-balance ourselves but have

you ever considered how Reiki could help animals?

As a Reiki Master/Teacher I am aware of just how responsive animals can be to Reiki energy, this is due to their senses being more finely tuned than humans.

Touch alone can have a calming and relaxing effect but when used in conjunction with Reiki your hands can become a powerful “healing” tool.

As with humans every animal responds differently when receiving Reiki. How an

animal responds during and after Animal Reiki will be determined on how in or out of

balance the animals chakras are.

Animals have 8 Major chakras, 21 Minor chakras and 6 Bud chakras. there is

another Major chakra which is unique to animals. It is called the Brachial or Key

chakra. This chakra was discovered by the world’s foremost, internationally

renowned, animal healer, Margrit Coates”.


This Course Includes:

~  Course Manual
~ Distant Attunement
~ Written Report of the Attunement
~ Certificate via email



* Long Time Sun Blessing (Attunement/Manual): €10


The energy from this blessing is uplifting and inspiring. It also provides protection.


You Receive:

~ Manual

~ Attunement


* Inner Sun Channelled Activation: €8


The Inner Sun is a activation of your own personal Inner Sun, your inner flame that alights when your Spiritual body is in acceptance.


You Receive:

~ Inner Sun Activation

~ Report of the Attuned Activation via email


* Psychic Protection Flame (Attunement/Manual): €10


Archangel Michael aids with this Attunement.

Archangel Michael provided this energy to offer protection from psychic attack. This protection is very important, with the need for it growing in this the digital age, especially in modern times where we are bombarded with outside energies constantly.

You Receive:

~ Attunement

~ Manual via email


* Usui Reiki (Shiki/Reiki Ryoho) Level I (4x Attunements/Manual): €60

Reiki Shiki Ryoho is an ancient method of self-mastery (or self-growth, if you prefer)

and healing using the chakras (energy centre’s) along with several energy/power


The symbols are merely, in my opinion, a training guide for new initiates to

get used to using intent and focusing on the different levels/frequencies of energy.

The words “Reiki Shiki Ryoho” (pronounced: Ray-key Shi-key Ro-ho) mean:

‘Reiki’ {Universal Life Energy}

‘Shiki’ {System}

‘Ryoho’ {Method of Healing}

This is a Course, which will require 3 months minimum.


You Receive:

~ 4x Attunements (over the duration of 12 weeks)

~ Manual via email

~ Email support with additional materials/exercises

~ Certificate

* Usui Reiki (Shiki/Reiki Ryoho) Level II Practitioner: €60

(Pre-requisite for this Course: Reiki Level I).

Level II will now enable you to practice/work on others as well as from a Distance.

The Manual will include Distant Symbols and the How to give others a Reiki Healing.

Level II is the most utilised of Reiki, as it now creates a Reiki Practitioner, as opposed a Reiki Trainee.

In addition you will learn about the Reiki Ryoho system, and Reiki Ryoho Gakkai School founded by Dr. Usui.

This is a Course, which will require 8 weeks minimum.

You Receive:

~ Reiki Level II – Practitioners Manual

~ Level II Reiki Attunement

~ Reiju (A powerful lineage connecting energy blast)

~ Additional materials via email

~ Practitioner Level II Certificate

* Usui Reiki (Shiki/Reiki Ryoho) Level III Master/Teacher: €80

(Pre-requisite for this Course: Reiki Level I and Level II).

Master Reiki Level III ~ This is the level you train through to become a Master/Teacher of the Reiki Healing Systems.

You learn the Master Symbol, the use of the Master Symbol in conjunction with the Symbols of the previous Levels.

You will learn how to GIVE Reiki Attunements and how to TRAIN others in Reiki.

This is a Course, which will require 3 months minimum.

You Receive:

~ Reiki Level III Master/Teacher Attunements

~ Reiki Level III Manual with additional Materials

~ Master/Teacher Level III Certificate


* Usui Reiki Level I Refresher Attunement Reiju: €20

~ This is for those who have already trained and received their Level I Reiki Degree but have not used it for a long time, and wish to be re-attuned as a refresher.