Like Icarus I Burn

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Like Icarus I Burn

©2017. Dorn Simon


Magnetism adds such flair

As I fly through the air

With wings given to me there

From the Angel such beauty fair

The Sun it warms me so

Alluring and drawing a glow

Never fails to close on in

Where the chemistry begins

Pleasure in fury

Love so unruly

Complete like never before

It is everything and so much more

Then like Icarus I fly too close

I get burnt like toast

Scorched inside out

Utterly over roast

You see I meet with Hubris

All behaviours I defy

Lived them in darkness

The light now I refuse to deny

Perhaps I mimic Phaethon

In some esoteric scene

A Myth beyond my control

As left in God’s Hands

Shining One

This I know

As assigned this to he


I call on the Elements to aid my balance

As to not burn out this…

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Wheel of Fortune ~ Lucky Me

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Wheel of Fortune ~ Lucky Me


The Wheel has turned a different way

Such a contrast to that old sway

Bringing forth the steps needed

Recognising, they now heeded

Walking onward first time in ever

It’s like I found my personal lever

To walk, to pause, to review, to draw

From all those elements and issues before

I awoke one day happy to say

I am so Lucky, yes Lucky today

For the lessons I’m learning

From whence they came

The life I am walking

That mindset new frame

No longer construct

Free to Be

Who I am, and always could Be

I am Loved, therefore Lucky

I am Love, therefore Lucky

I am IN love, therefore Lucky

I am Alive, therefore Lucky

I appreciate the pain before

As without it I couldn’t walk

The given steps taken

Allowing me to talk

Through my Journey

Fool’s Journey of Me


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Embrace the Light ~ Bask in Sol

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Embrace the Light, Bask in Sol

Sol Invictus
Unconquered Sun
Burned so brightly
Infusing One
Opened my eyes
Light did pierce
Reflecting prisms, so fierce
So much holy given light
Set my world in fright
Defenses kicked in
Sabotage did begin
From sheltered dark
To sudden spark
All Hail
The broken shards
All one could see
When reflecting in thee
Was cracks yet to be sealed
The hurts not yet healed
That shining Sun
Most unconquorable One
Lit the Torch
Whence I got scorched
Such beauty and gift
Yes brought huge shift
Of which I should bask
In healing light
Release the fright
Let go of pain
Embrace the Sun
Most loving One
With Open Arms
Let Love Reign

©2017. Dorn Simon

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Pushing Boundaries

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Pushing boundaries just like a kid

Guilty of this I must admit

The inner hurt child still exists

Now I know I can hug her a kiss

Time to heal and grow out of pain

These are the things that sadly remained

Opened my eyes by shining bright light

Came to unearth my demons and plight

The work is on, it’s only just

How else can love be given a chance

To grow, to bloom to be adult soon

The only way to unity or groom

I give my thanks in all accounts

For the love I found was in large amounts

Whether it stay or does be lost

Perhaps if fleeting, was worth the cost

©2017. Dorn Simon

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Serpent’s Kiss

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I’m so impulsive yet need to stop

Else all will fail, cease and drop

The things I learn are tougher still

It’s truly an arduous climb on this hill

Let go of Impulse, Control, Expectations and Fear

Who could believe anything be left here

Alas there I am behind all these shields

Standing raw and open, bleeding and peeled

With more hope and life than ever before revealed

Shedding a skin is a painful yet beautiful thing

When one can turn to face it and glare deep within

See the raw form and accept it as is

No glossing it up, no pretty, no frills

Kundalini began rising inside

A Serpents Kiss I could not hide

Reptilian in my alien self

Time to reveal the core of me and her wealth

For I am like all humankind

Full of flaws, yet also kind

I will not stop learning to be

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The Phoenix Rising

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Like a moth to the flame

The light all consuming, self combusting

I am the Phoenix rising from the Flames

Ever brighter, strengthened again

Made not of ash nor debris

I am a bird reborn completely

Looking back from whence I came

I hereby release all pain and blame

Fly up high with no more shame

Fiery red my long haired mane

©2017. Dorn Simon

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The Fool’s Journey of Me

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The Fool’s journey of me
Not what I expected to be
Even now, at nearly 50
Lessons arriving to unsettle me
Harder they come this time around
Yet Inspiration and Love I’ve found
Which gives me cause and effect
To derive my Keys from darkest depths
In which I’m willing to open all doors
To face that within including the flaws
Sit with each and guide them through
On their journey to something new
Released to the Light to burn anew
From which I’ll birth my own New Dawn
Rebirth of the hardest kind
Love in my heart, Hope in my mind.

©2017. Dorn Simon

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