Lughnasadh Abundence to you





Lughnasadh – Harvest Time is upon us, so I thought I would whip up some Offers.


Intuitive Full Elemental Tarot Email Reading: €20 (Previously €30)

The benefits of an Email Reading, is that there are no time limits, no misheard elements from the reading, no confusion, from the nerves or anticipation, as each card is read in-depth, with the email outlining everything I see, hear, feel…which you then have to keep, which can be read at your leisure, as often as needed, to truly absorb the guidance within it.

My Intuitive email Tarot/Divination Readings tend to be more in-depth, therefore are more beneficial to the client.

All readings are different, and client orientated, I read intuitively, or psychically, not generically (copying verbatim from a Tarot meanings book NOT ME!)

Using the Elemental Tarot Spread.

The majority of the email Intuitive Readings take an average of 90 minutes, sometimes up to Two hours in duration.

Each Email Reading is conducted in a Sacred Space, fully cleared of all energies, with White Sage Sacred Smudging, or Palo Santo (Holy Wood/Sacred Wood) Smudging, Candles, and Crystals.


Intuitive One Card Email Reading with Energy Health Scan Email Report: €15

One card reading, with a Distant Energy Health Scan.

This will give you a quick dip reading from one chosen Tarot card, and you will have an Energy Health Scan which is performed much like Reiki is, I feel for any imbalances, ailments, blockages, issues and give you a report as I go along.


Vernal Equinox Card 2018

Today’s Tarot Insights 7.9.2017


Today’s Tarot Insight:
Three of Wands: Rider-Waite Centennial Edition.

You have been and are still midway an important journey; this can be spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

Though it is likely to be a journey of self discovery and growth.
Today is a day to pause, take a breather, be in the moment, take a long look around you, see how far you have traveled/come, and the lengths you have achieved.

You are adamant to keep moving forward, excited in some ways, though you keep a mindful eye on all the surroundings, the territory you embark upon…so haste not, just BE, at least for today.

You are growing, and new growth is taking you far, new horizons await you, they are solid foundations in which to place your feet upon.






Today’s Tarot Insight 3.9.2017



Queen of Swords – Rider-Waite Centennial Edition.


There is a lot on your mind, pressing forcefully forward as being of importance, yet it is yourself invoking these thoughts, topics, situations. 

A ruling hand over your own destiny is trying to keep your individuality separate from the flow, whilst this same approach may be seen as controlling or overly dependent to others eyes.

There is a duality, in that the Queen sits on her throne with the power in her hands, her mind, the strength to forge out any future she dares, or wishes, yet deep within, there is a locked up, inner child, keeping a frightened, avid eye on all that’s surrounding her, this coming from the deep rooted lunar influenced issues from long ago, that are now hatched from their chrysalis, and as a butterfly, have a short time only left to live, before their last flight… the issues entrapped, are so close to being fully let go, do not give up, simply know your own strength.


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